Brought up in a farm in France, Laurianne learned from a young age the importance of quality and simple ingredients to make great food. She has learnt how to cook from the women in her family and especially her 2 grandmothers who were farmers and to date the best cooks she has ever met. Eating a plant-based diet for the past 4 years and having to rethink the way she eats and cooks, Laurianne discovered and re-discovered the pleasure of some new or long forgotten food, along with a new excitement for cooking and creating recipes. Laurianne started a raw cake business, Laurianne’s Raw Cakes, back in 2015 after finding out about the joy of healthy raw cakes and wanting to share her creations with people. From this, she built a strong reputation as a raw vegan baker and met wonderful people in the food industry along the way, giving her the motivation and inspiration to get more and more creative in the kitchen.

Laurianne’s Vegan Kitchen was born after realising that vegan catering offerings are often unhealthy or heavy on fake meat, cheeses or fried food. Laurianne wanted to offer a different type of vegan catering which is not only fresh, healthy, nourishing but also very tasty and satisfying. Trying to use local and seasonal products as much as possible, Laurianne wants to bring back a simple and environmentally conscious way of eating to the table. No intricate recipes or complicated combination of flavours. Just simple, earthy food which happens to be tasty and good for you & the planet.